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When you join ESOMAR, you gain a global partner. As part of the network of 35,000 industry professionals ESOMAR membership gives you access to the people, information and tools needed to address business critical issues and grow your company.

ESOMAR provides members with professional and company growth through credibility, knowledge, networking and advocacy:


Maintain a reputation of professional integrity and credibility.

Promote your personal or company wide commitment to ethical practice and professional standards with the ESOMAR Member Mark. Essential assurance for your clients that you uphold the ICC/ESOMAR Code (.pdf).


Gain a world of knowledge and give yourself an edge in business intelligence.

ESOMAR members receive access to the very best in peer reviewed market research content. 1,000+ hours of video and audio presentations and 2,255 research white papers.


Expand your network and grow your business.

Over 50 local, regional and thematic events each year, the MyESOMAR messaging platform, and listings in the ESOMAR Directory of Research.


ESOMAR represents your interests with legislators across the globe.

Legal updates, expert advice and support. Accessible comprehensive guidelines and the unique respondent redress service.

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It is a great pleasure to join the ESOMAR association. I often refer to the ICC Code before running any survey, which helps me a lot in my business relationships.

With its various events and activities, I recognise that ESOMAR is the organisation that offers us the best business networking. I can discover and meet other experts, which will allow me to be on the same page and really know who is doing the best in the research industry. I am proud to become a member of ESOMAR.

Yoro Diaw, CEO, DADCH&co, Senegal

Being a member of ESOMAR means a lot to me and to my business, as it reassures my clients, prospects and partners that they are working with a qualified market research professional whose aim is to implement best practices that support effective decision-making. The ICC/ESOMAR Code on Market and Social Research and ESOMAR Professional Standards not only support this, but are essential for researchers to keep abreast of new modes of research and the regulations that go with them. Membership gives me additional assurances when I am looking to work with new partners worldwide through the online ESOMAR Directory of Research. Additionally, ESOMAR’s Research World magazine and other ESOMAR publications also provide me with a wealth of resources to keep my knowledge up-to-date and to learn from peers’ experiences.
Finally, the ESOMAR staff are always helpful and responsive whether you meet them at trade shows, talk by phone and/or email them. I’m happy to be a member of this association.

Raymond Piombino, Principal Consultant in Market Research and Owner, Bordeaux Consultants International, France

Joining the ESOMAR community is my passport to networking with trustworthy and highly qualified professionals from the market research world. It serves as my gateway to accessing emerging trends, invaluable insights and best practices. Most importantly, the ICC/ ESOMAR Code of Conduct sets the global standards for practitioners who like me have a vision to consistently deliver unparalleled global expertise and unequivocal credibility in the market research field.

Neil Bab, CEO, Asia Monitor, Malaysia

My familiarity with ESOMAR goes back to the 1990s, where the small research company I worked for had an ESOMAR member. Having an ESOMAR member enabled us to build a long term and extensive relationship with a distant client. Years later, when we founded HedefGrup, the first thing I did was to become an ESOMAR member, because it means reliability and new partnerships. Of course it's much more than that - ESOMAR is a loyal partner that follows the latest innovations and creative solutions.

Rana Berk, Managing Partner, HedefGrup Research Services LTD., Turkey

ESOMAR is a professional network that provides its members with the knowledge and experience for continuous improvement within the research industry. For me, this is why being an ESOMAR member is a real sign of quality. ESOMAR membership is a stamp of reliability and a guarantee to research buyers of your expertise in the field of market and public opinion research.

Sasa Jovancevic, Managing Director, Pro Pozitiv, Serbia

I highly value my membership with ESOMAR; it keeps me updated on trends and issues in the research world, and is an invaluable tool for understanding what goes on. Last but not least, it also ensures that we get many RFQs that we otherwise would not have received! My 20 years+ ESOMAR membership will definitely continue!

Harald Pedersen, Managing Director, Faktum Markedsanalyse, Norway

Being an ESOMAR member showcases my dedication to high standards as a research specialist. It is a good checklist to follow in my daily work. Moreover, ESOMAR's guidelines develop along with the research industry and cover, for example, online and social media research. So, when we started to use new methods of gathering information ESOMAR standards are of huge support, serving as a compass, that shows me the right direction for development without losing quality. Speaking about the research community overall, for those who just start their way in this professional field, ESOMAR offers the perfect 'manual'. For experienced market researchers, ESOMAR standards are the guide you need to best practice. For potential and existing clients, ESOMAR membership is a symbol of quality.

Timur Aymaletdinov, Research Director, National Agency for Financial Studies (NAFI), Russian Federation

ESOMAR is a lighthouse for everyone working in market research. Their conferences and Congress offer inspiration for our work and give us the opportunity to be updated on all breakthrough innovations and insights. This, in addition to giving the possibility to connect with new potential clients and colleagues from all over the world.

Giulia Fabrizi, Founder & Owner, almar quality research, Italy

Market research allows you to identify the needs and wants of the customer. Without market research you simply cannot fully satisfy a customer. For this reason, being part of the ESOMAR community is important for any researcher. Through ESOMAR you can pass on but also receive valuable information on best practices within market research. ESOMAR membership also gives you credibility and assures others of your commitment to ethical practice.

Dr. Nasios Orinos, Director, Cyprus College, Cyprus

Globalisation and technology are no longer just trends. They are facts. Being part of the ESOMAR community makes more sense now than ever before. I am immensely proud of joining the most global market research association. This is meaningful for clients, partners and collaborators... and for us, this is a big step ahead!

Luzia Celeste Rodrigues, CEO, Sinapses Inteligência, Brazil

Since joining in 2002, I know and appreciate the importance and value of ESOMAR to my career and business growth. To meet and network with like minds, to keep abreast of trends in the ever-evolving research world, to learn new tools to wow my clients (thanks especially to the workshops), and generally, to be better equipped for excellence in this competitive terrain, makes me happy to re-join ESOMAR.

Stella Okpala, Managing Director, Deep Dive Research Limited, Nigeria

As an independent consultant, I sometimes miss what being part of a large international organisation may provide. This is exactly what ESOMAR membership has given me for the last 10 years - enriching communication with colleagues that often results in fresh ideas, multiple opportunities to learn best practices from all over the world, and a feel of belonging to the global professional community.

Anton Sutyagin, Independent CI & MR Consultant, Anton Sutyagin, Russian Federation

ESOMAR provides a global platform where we can share our thoughts, ideas and discuss successful business strategies. ESOMAR conferences also offer important opportunities for global networking with researchers from other countries, in addition to upgrading our research knowledge. I believe that the ESOMAR guidelines and the ICC/ESOMAR Code help us to build robust business relationships with clients. I am very honoured and proud to be an ESOMAR member.

Ji Kyung Im, CEO, Research Y, Korea, Republic of

I believe, and know, that membership in ESOMAR gives me a chance to be involved in the global research industry, while also allowing me to get a better understanding of not only my country, but of the whole Asian region. I'm glad to be a part of the ESOMAR global platform; it’s a great way to meet up with people from all over the world.

Yevgenia Gorbatenko, Client Executive Qualitative, Ipsos, Kazakhstan

After being part of ESOMAR directly, our company started to be more seen all over the world and we started receiving many more RFQs than when we were not part of ESOMAR. Thus, our chances to turn these RFQ on real businesses also increased signficantly and we are already facing good outcomes. We used to be part of other associations worldwide, but being part of ESOMAR, which is probably the key one in the market research world, made us definitelly increase our doors to new clients and new businesses concretions.

Geisa Rodrigues, Managing Director, AG3 Consulting, Brazil

My ESOMAR membership demonstrates status and qualification. It especially sends a clear signal for my commitment to follow principles in the field of market research to key stakeholder like customers, colleagues and also competitors. Furthermore, the ESOMAR community offers great opportunities of getting to know the latest research trends and contacting new interesting colleagues worldwide.

Mikko Kesä, Research Director, Innolink Research Ltd., Finland

From my perspective ESOMAR has always been the leading global professional association for MR professionals and it has been interesting to see how the association has continued its professional development leadership but also over the past few years made solid progress on more global business related issues via WIN initiatives. I’d recommend ESOMAR membership for practitioners who are involved in work outside of their home markets or who have an interest in developing a global perspective of our industry. The conferences are great for getting an update on the latest thinking and networking.

Travyn Rhall, CEO – Africa, Middle East & Asia Pacific, Millward Brown, Australia

I have been an ESOMAR member for more than 25 years and the organisation has accompanied and influenced my professional life in many ways. I have always felt proud to be part of ESOMAR, as the organisation represents my interests through events, trainings, guidelines and its numerous publications. ESOMAR not only assists me in the understanding of industry developments, it also contributes significantly to the development of market research. Technical improvements, expansion of knowledge, networking with the international market research community, development of best practices in research and ongoing updates, are relevant contributions for me and are still assist me even today. ESOMAR also gave me and encouraged numerous other activities that have contributed to my career: preparation of papers and presentations, organisation of events (organised in Brazil in the early 90's, the first Latin American Conference), evaluation of papers to Congress and conferences, and conducting Congress sessions and/or conferences. As I was President of local associations for many years, ESOMAR has always given support to my work and helped develop activities in my country. ESOMAR membership has helped my professionalism within the industry and given me a greater reputation.

Nelsom Marangoni, President, MC15 Consultoria e Treinamento Ltda, Brazil

In a fast-changing opinion landscape, it is important to stay in tune with research method developments. It is also important to safeguard the integrity of all stakeholders and the quality of results. ESOMAR’s continuous work with standards and policy makes membership a given choice for me as a professional.

Jonatan Hedin, Analyst, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Sweden

I have a sincere admiration for ESOMAR's work and consider it one of the best references for market research professionals in the whole world. I've joined ESOMAR in hopes of becoming a part of this network of professionals that are, like myself, comitted to the development and improvement of the research industry. I truly believe that the events, tools, information and professional acquaintanceship opportunities offered by the organisation will serve my career and personal development in a great way and to a very important level.

Fernanda Bizarria, Director, Usine, Brazil

My ESOMAR Membership gives me access to the latest thinking in market research, provides a network of senior global research thinkers and is also a basis for maintaining standards in our industry.

Stephen Phillips, CEO, ZappiStore, UK

I have been an ESOMAR member since 1995 and never regretted it. Thanks to dozens of events every year, members benefit from continuous training and updates on the latest trends in market research. During these events, ESOMAR not only helps members in spreading knowledge, but also in creating enjoyable networking opportunities with colleagues and clients from all over the world. ESOMAR represents a great business card for high-level qualified market research professionals.

Claudia Paschini, Owner, Platinum Research, Italy

ESOMAR helps me as a professor and as an academic researcher by providing me with a professional perspective of MR and keeping me updated on the latest trends. The ESOMAR guidelines are essential for my work at the national professional standards committee.

Idoia Portilla, MR Professor, Universidad de Navarra, Spain

In today's world based on social networking and professional societies, each of us has to be a part of the most relevant social group. I am proud to be a part of the strongest society of market researchers. Besides my personal emotions, the membership of ESOMAR has strong value both for me and for my company. It offers me shared experience with foreign colleagues, building brand awareness of my company, generating sales, and finally – a good chance to show that market research in Russia has high expertise and good potential for further development.

Boris Khatutsky, Research Director, Market Adjustment Research Center (MARC), Russian Federation

With ESOMAR being an international body, I can see that it is a great way to meet up with people from all over the world … I am right at the beginning of my ESOMAR membership and, as someone relatively new to the research world, I see membership as an absolutely essential part of being connected to the issues that are important to the industry. I’d just like to say a big thank you to ESOMAR and its members for making me feel so welcome.

Fiona Blades, Chief Experience Officer, MESH Planning, UK

I have been with the ESOMAR community for nearly five years. Being a member of ESOMAR has brought me and my company, iris communications, recognition throughout the world. It has provided us with an ocean of shared knowledge, which has helped us enter the global playing field. Our research services, though focused for the local Pakistani market, have challenged our competitors as we implement superior guidelines and ethics provided by ESOMAR. I also hope to participate in the future in international forums thus being able to share my research knowledge and interact with the ESOMAR family.

Maryam Wazirzada, Managing Partner, iris communications, Pakistan

ESOMAR membership helps me connect with experts in the marketing and opinion research field, allowing me to explore new approaches towards acquiring market insights as well as inspiring me for out-of-the-box thinking. I would say that ESOMAR is the indispensable source for research professionals.

Noriko Nakano, Senior Manager - Head of Japan Product Performance Evaluation Hub R&I Center, Nihon L'Oreal K.K, Japan

As a researcher specialized in market, social and public opinion research we think that being part of ESOMAR gives our agency a great body of knowledge in objective, global and professional perspective. ESOMAR promotes core values in our field, such as professionality, quality and innovation.

Juan Manuel Lanza Gaye, Consultant, Opción Consultores, Uruguay

ESOMAR is the most renowned and significant organisation worldwide for keeping contact with international colleagues. Given my international background (I’ve lived in England, The Netherlands and Italy), this is of vital importance to me.
I currently provide services to other research agencies wishing to conduct high quality projects in Latin America and it is the part of my work I most greatly enjoy. As my business continues to grow, I expect that my bond with the organisation will as well.

Belen Genera, Founder, Research Ahead, Argentina

ESOMAR membership is absolutely essential if you seek to learn about and apply best practice in research. Being part of the ESOMAR community, which is extremely collaborative and open, has given unparalleled networking opportunities with the best and the brightest in our industry. ESOMAR brings together the people responsible for pushing the boundaries and taking the industry forward.

Chris Wallbridge, Marketing And Strategy Consultant, Truth, UK

Being part of the ESOMAR community keeps me updated on research trends all over the world and helps us gain new business. Furthermore, ESOMAR conferences offer important opportunities for inspiration and networking with colleagues from research. Therefore, I highly value my ESOMAR membership, which I have had for more than 10 years.

Thomas Schwabl, CEO, online reSEARCH GmbH, Austria

As an agency researcher working internationally, I would think I was looking to demonstrate my professional credentials to potential clients and to do that on an international platform, rather than as just a member of the UK’s Market Research Society. The Code of Conduct … gives legitimacy to all that we do and can often be used in awkward situations with internal clients – and respondents – to explain why we do things in the way we do – or, more likely, why we cannot do what they would like us to do.

Keith Bailey, Senior Research Adviser, Transport Focus, UK

My ESOMAR membership has been one of my most valuable assets. As a global researcher, I find the Directory extremely helpful in identifying new research partners around the world. ESOMAR membership also serves to validate my experience. And because I am generally not able to attend ESOMAR events in person, I appreciate the videos and papers posted for members. I am always learning from ESOMAR.

Rebecca Kuchar, Senior Director - Qualitative Insights, Sundial Market Research, Inc., USA

I have been an ESOMAR member for 28 years, since 1987, and am looking forward to my 30th member anniversary! Being an ESOMAR member has made a huge difference to me, my profession and Focus Bari, our Research Agency since 1988. Apart from the useful guidelines, conferences and the annual Congress event, where we have acquired and shared so much knowledge and expertise, the organization has offered me the opportunity to meet exceptional people in my industry from all over the world - particularly in the specialized sector of Media Research, with many of whom we share a long-lasting friendship. On very important occasions, such as Media Research challenges with local media, and in the formation of AGMORG, the Greek Association of Market Research Organisations, ESOMAR has proven an invaluable partner and supporter. My fondest memory is my first participation in the 1981 Annual ESOMAR Conference in Vienna, where still a student, and paying the conference fees myself, I had an unforgettable experience, full of new knowledge and wonderful people.

Xenia Kourtoglou, Founder & Managing Partner, Focus Bari S.A. Marketing Research Services, Greece

I joined ESOMAR in 1994. Our company was one of the first to conduct market research in Russia – a country that has just entered the realm of market economy.
ESOMAR, as an institute, helped a lot of Russian researchers to understand what are the norms of research, and – most important – what are the ethical principles of the profession.
ESOMAR conferences and seminars helped my colleagues and me to meet people in the industry, and to collect precious social capital.

Alexey Levinson, Social Research Director, Levada-Center, Russian Federation

I joined ESOMAR 10 years ago, when my company started actively conducting market research. ESOMAR membership allows me to be involved in the global research network, to understand the essential and important ethical principles of research and to learn more about best practice in research. Being a part of the international ESOMAR community keeps me updated on the latest market research information, professional news and developments. It gives me more credibility and without doubt helps during the negotiations with new potential clients in market research.

Gevorg Poghosyan, Dr. Professor of Sociology, Armenian Sociological Association ASA, Armenia

Being an ESOMAR member has always been an important asset for me as a professional. When I started my own consultancy a few years ago, it certainly made a big difference belonging to ESOMAR when talking with new potential clients that did not know me. Being part of industry associations gives you more credibility and makes it easier for potential clients and colleagues to see you as a committed professional who takes work seriously. On top of that, as a member you have the opportunity to connect with other research professionals and existing colleagues online and in person. The membership also helps you stay up to date with news and developments within the industry. Also, I am a true believer that organisations like ESOMAR are key to the creation of industry codes and standards that keeps us protected as members. It is hard to name one as my fondest memory of ESOMAR, as there have been many memories I cherish, such as the rewarding events, fantastic keynote speakers at the Congress each year and the social events or parties which are always a lot of fun. The one that may stand out more was the conference in Prague many years ago as it was my first ESOMAR event and I had made arrangements to meet a lot of my "phone/e-colleagues" in person for the first time in years! - it was like meeting with family!

Ilda Islas, President, ProGlobal Fieldwork Ltd., UK

I became a member of ESOMAR because this world association unites people holding the same view on research and its members regard the quality of research with paramount importance.
The name of my company is "Qualitas" which translates from Latin as "Quality". My ESOMAR membership is a "high-quality mark" for my customers, which also gives me the opportunity to communicate with colleagues from all over the world. Not only does it provide useful information about evolving research methods innovations, but it also gives me a great chance for professional development.

Nelly Romanovich, General Director, Public Opinion Institute, Russian Federation

Being a member of ESOMAR gives you the feeling of belonging to a large family, with its members spread around the world. In a nutshell, it makes you feel connected to the global opinion research community. ESOMAR has made it possible for me to find valuable collaborators in the qualitative field in regions stretching from the Middle East to Europe and beyond. Without ESOMAR the world of research would have been much smaller.

Anna Thomas, Qualitative Research Consultant, Anna Thomas, Cyprus

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